Kitsilano Showboat
Kitsilano Showboat

About the Kitsilano Showboat

Welcome to the Kitsilano Showboat!

On behalf of the Kitsilano Showboat Society, it is my privilege to welcome all of the citizens of Vancouver and visitors worldwide to make plans to attend great entertainment at one of the major attractions in Vancouver. Showboat’s scenic backdrop of the North Shore Mountains, English Bay and West Coast sunsets is one of the most spectacular settings anywhere. Today we have entertainers on stage from many of the countries around the world sharing their dances and costumes with us. We thank them all.

I would like to thank all of our supporters, performers, and volunteer organizers for their enthusiasm and enabling Showboat to continue to be so unique. Please join us for an evening of relaxation, enjoyment and fun.
Barry Leinbach
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Barry Leinbach, Kitsilano Showboat Society

Since 1935 the Kitsilano Showboat has been a volunteer led, not-for-profit society. (Nobody is paid.)  It is through your donations that Showboat can showcase local and international talent at its' outdoor theatre. Please donate generously so that we can continue this legacy of bringing free multicultural shows to our audiences.

To Donate please click the button on the left side of any page where you can use any of six credit cards for your convenience. And thank you for your support.

The Showboat Society Directors

Barry Leinbach- President, Showboat Producer

Kosta Chatzispiros - Vice President

Debbie Roche - Director

Bert Munn - Director

Doug Menges - Director


The 2016 Kitsilano Showboat Schedule

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Kitsilano Showboat Committees

Programming: Barry Leinbach

Fundraising: Kosta Chatzispiros, Sarah Belley

Finance: Cheryl Lee, Mary Maciorowski

Promotion / Advertising: Bert Munn, Kosta Chatzispiros

Corporate Donors: Debbie Roche

Prizes: Debbie Roche, Joanne Ogilvie, Bert Munn, Sheila Kirby, Barry Leinbach

Program Book: Edith Packer, Barry Leinbach, Chris Nombrado

  Court Smith, Barry Leinbach

Graphic Design:
Court Smith

Social Media:
Sheila Kirby, Barry Leinbach

Volunteer Liaison:
Grace Nombrado

Student Liaison:
Sarah Belley

Hostesses / Volunteers: Evelyn Legault, Grace Nombrado, Chris Nombrado , Sarah Belley, Michael Kloebel, Omar Amroussy, Colin Begg, Joanne Ogilvie, Sheila Kirby, Mary Maciorowski, Tracy Robinson, Natasha Lindsay Shatzko, Taylor, Lindsay, Caley, Judi Wilson, Ingrid Donat, Michelle Qu

Stage Crew: Myles Ogilvie, Nicholas Chatzispiros

MC’s: Debbie Roche, Doug Menges, Bert Munn, Darcy Murdoch, Omar Amroussy, Steve Britten, Raili McCarthy, Jamie Ives, Kosta Chatzispiros, Barry Leinbach

Shaw Cable: Michael Keeping and crew